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My so-called life as a middle-aged, tax-paying, full-time panic-driven drone

14 February 1980
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1950's dresses, absinthe, addictions, alan rickman, alien movies, alternative fashion, american idols, anime, antique clothing, antique fashion, apple cider, army gear, asian movies, asylums, atelier boz, atelier-boz, atheism, autumn, bangs, black, black and white stripes, black humour, black licorice, blood, boobs, books, boots, buffy the vampire slayer, burlesque, caffeine, cats, cheese, chocolate, chocolate cake, comics, computer games, computers, console games, cooking, corset design, corset making, corsetry, corsets, couture, custom corsets, dancing, depeche mode, dilbert, diy, do it yourself, dress-up, edwardian, edwardian corsetry, elizabethan, esthetics, expensive shoes, feminism, first kisses, flea markets, flowerpots, flowers, fog, food, foreign languages, forrests, garlic, gender, gender roles, ghost stories, google, gothic, graphic design, green, guarana, high heels, historical clothing, historical costuming, historical fashion, idols esikarsinnat, interior design, irc, irssi, kisses, kissing, knee socks, lakes, libraries, literature, making clothes, manga, mansikat, mark ryden, miniskirts, mist, moss, movies, nighttime, pattern drafting, period costume, period costuming, photography, pin up, pin-up girls, pinstripe, pinups, pizza, plants, platformer games, playing dress up, polka dots, pottery, queer, reading, red, red hair, red wine, redheads, retro, romance, rpg, sarcasm, sewing, sexy losers, shoes, shopping, silence, sleeping, stars, stockings and suspenders, strawberries, strawberry margaritas, stripey socks, super mario bros, tattoos, ties, tightlacing, tori amos, uniforms, valittaminen, vampires, victorian, viivi ja wagner, vintage clothes, vintage clothing, vintage fashion, vintage heels, vintage sewing patterns, vodka, whining, white ninja